What Renters Need To Know About Insurance

Since most homeowners are also mortgage holders, they are required to have home insurance. However, most renters are not required to purchase renter’s insurance according to the terms of a lease. They face many of […]

What To Do Before And After An Auto Accident

No person is completely prepared for a car crash whether it is minor or major. However, drivers can be more prepared to handle the claims process afterward by remembering some important information. By taking a […]

Why Affluent People are More Prone to Being Sued

Because affluent people basically have a lot to lose, they make attractive lawsuit targets for attorneys who represent injured parties. This is why it is extremely important for the affluent to consider their insurance very […]

Trends in Home and Renter’s Insurance

In 2012, the average home insurance premium increased by 5.6 percent, and that number increased by .4 percent in 2013 according to a study by the national Association of Insurance Commissioners. Renter’s insurance increased by […]

Home Inventory Apps

Hopefully, you never have to do a home insurance claim. But if you do, a bit of preparation will make it much easier for you to document your claim and get your settlement much faster. […]

Checking Insurance Coverage Before Winter Arrives

As winter arrives each year, insurers across the nation encourage Americans to review their home and auto insurance policies to ensure adequate protection against the season’s harshest hazards. The easiest way to do this is […]